Our Approach

TRISSL SPORTS CARS was built on a foundation of passion and knowledge. We were avid Porsche fans long before we became a business. For the past thirty years, we have been following the Porsche brand. Our team is knowledgeable in the history and evolution of these premier cars while always staying current on new Porsche technology as it is unveiled. They are constantly seeking more information and skills to become a trusted resource to car enthusiasts. We have a network of experts and artisans that work with us to restore, customize, and inspect the Porsche sports cars that we buy and sell. Together with these outside resources, we can give you confidence in our buying and selling process.

Porsche is Our Passion

Like you, we collect Porsche automobiles. Our heartbeats race when we open a garage door revealing a rare Porsche sports car. There is a unique excitement that comes from finding that special model held in a private collection. It feels important every time we restore a classic Porsche sports car in need of some help. TRISSL SPORTS CARS is all about supplying those experiences to enthusiasts and collectors of all kinds. Whether you invest in one, or many Porsche vehicles, you know what we’re talking about.

Thomas Trissl, Principal

Thomas is the principal with TRISSL SPORTS CARS, but more importantly a Porsche automobile enthusiast and avid collector. He has taken the entrepreneurial journey by starting a company from scratch, growing it year by year, and then selling it to a large multi national. Thomas says that he learned so much from that journey, but nothing more powerful than the importance of (1) giving customers what they really need rather than simply making the sale and (2) the timeless value of an uncompromising brand with a company to support it every step of the way. He’s brought those lessons to the formation of TRISSL SPORTS CARS.